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We are interested in children's games (mainly 19th Century) and the world of entertainment at home and on the street before the advent of cinema and television.

Our stock of fascinating games and optical toys as well as all sort of related items from magic sets to paper automaton is ever changing.

We have been dealing for over 30 years with private collectors as well as institutions all over the world.

One of the most exciting part of our quest for new stock is that we very rarely duplicate items and that after all these years we still discover unknown pieces.

We also list regularly on eBay; to view our current auctions click on pierre44 and paper_toys

We are members of the Ephemera Society and the Magic Lantern Society.

This site was updated on the 19 February 2020
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We have established an excellent track record selling high value items, if you'd like to benefit from our experience we would be happy to consider any item or whole collection you might be wanting to consign with us to sell, either via eBay or through our website.
We are, of course, also interested in buying for stock.